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Did you know that it is estimated that at least 40% of all helpdesk issues logged are related to password re-sets? On average changing a password is time consuming and can take up to 20 mins to complete the job?

After implementing at Whiteria Polytechnic, we actually found it reduced helpdesk calls MORE than the industry estimates of 40%- it was actually 50%!!

We know this tool pays for itself very, very quickly. With your 2014 intake of new students just around the corner- it MUST be time to sort this out for yourselves! If you have helpdesk staff tied up in a non-productive process with re-setting passwords manually, you really need to have a look at this tool. We have now implemented our Password Reset tool for THOUSANDS of students in Tertiary institutes saving thousands of man (and lady) hours on the helpdesk and also allowing students (and staff ir required) to re-set their own passwords. (P.S. If you have helpdesk staff on say an average of $40,000 per annum and they spent 40% of their time on password resets- it would cost you $16,000 per year PER helpdesk person in their time to reset passwords!! Yikes!)

Our Password Changing Portal works by sending the students text message codes to their mobiles which they can simply enter into the web-portal to re-set their password. We are also able to integrate with your student management systems to obtain student details to sync with.

The Password Changing Portal usually costs $15,000 + GST, however if you purchase in December and implement by the end of January 2014, we will sell it to you for $7,500 + GST. The savings are pretty clear- 1 helpdesk person, 40% of their time = $16,000 annually- payback is going to be very, very quick!! Please note, implementation, styling with your logos or integrating with your website is additional cost.

Talk to us today if you are interested as we already have thousands of students using this tool at similar institutes to you.