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One of Business Mechanix key points of difference is the ability to understand what makes education tick. When it comes to Student Intervention, we understand its important to have students complete, not just for your funding, but for the satisfaction of the student and outcomes for your own institutes. Students can disengage at any point and the key is to know the triggers- perhaps attendance is dropping off, perhaps grades are dropping, perhaps they’ve stopped turning up altogether. The key is to get the student back into learning as quickly as possible.

In order to do this, you need clever systems and processes in place to pick up trending as early as possible. Perhaps your trigger is the first class missed, maybe its after 3 classes in a row are missed- perhaps it’s a 15% grade drop?

Whatever the measurements you would like to use, Business Mechanix can help you to define these measurements and implement clever technologies to keep things on track.

We have had great success with automated solutions which simply text a student when an intervention event is needed. We already have Attendance Management solutions, CRM solutions and of course, Student Intervention Solutions. We always say, it’s all in the follow-up.

Let us help you turn your institute around by putting in solutions to get your students on track which don’t just rely on your staff remembering to call them.

Talk to us today about how we can help implement a Student Intervention Solution for you.