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Whether you like it or not we live in a world driven by smart phone and tablets. More and more business are incorporating this type of technology into their business to help save costs (by offering solutions like Bring Your Own Devices) and to help increase efficiencies. Now the technology has gone one step further by giving companies like Business Mechanix the tools and applications to develop almost any mobile application you need to improve business efficiencies. Over the years Business Mechanix have developed a number of mobile applications and provide a range of services to help with the design and implementation. The last few months has seen our mobile application development contracts almost double and it is not just coming from one particular industry either, this just proves there is a huge demand so using mobile applications in the workplace.

Our Experience

Business Mechanix has many examples of our work with Mobile Device Applications. For Wintec, we built a mobile application that could be using on all different types of mobile devices like Android, iPads and iPhones. The MobilizeRM (Mobilize Relationship Management) application allows executives and management at Wintec to view, add, and update information both on and offline as well as assign tasks to other users.  Best of all Wintec’s MobilizeRM application can be accessed via device browser for both on and offline access and as such does not require an additional app to be installed on the device.  

A Major training ITO has recently contracted Business Mechanix to build a proof of concept Mobile Device Application that is again is built in HTML5 and will allow their staff on the road to see important information regarding their clients and prospects. Because Business Mechanix have developed this proof of concept in HTML 5 it means that their staff can use this application on any mobile device. Also, we have designed it in a way that allows it to be extremely flexible and be able able to change and grow with the organisation, which is a huge bonus for this particular ITO as government policies change and different information is required.

About Business Mechanix

Business Mechanix have been in operation for over 13 years and have always managed to stay a head of the game when it comes to new technologies. We have worked with a range of companies in a range a different areas from large – medium sized corporates to some of the biggest education providers in New Zealand. We have a reputation of being innovative and loving providing our customers with crafty solutions which sometimes sees them making ground breaking advancements for their sector and in the country. The great thing about Mobile Device Applications is we have the experience and tools to be able to develop for a single devices like Androids or multi devices iPads, iPhones, Androids and Blackberry with our clever use of HTML development. So whether you just need a proof of concept, or you want us to develop a fully functional mobile application we are your go to mobile device application development company. 

Business Mechanix Services

  • Train new users on the application
  • Graphically design the application
  • Build proof of concept’s
  • Deliver and high level Design, planning and scoping report
  • Integrate the application with other systems like Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Project Manage the solution
  • The support and maintenance of the application