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Business Mechanix developed their Student Portal Framework in 2009 called ‘BMXEDU’- short for Business Mechanix Educational Portal.  The Student Portal concept was created around making a student’s day easier and having all key items in one place.  Our clever portal has taken key frustrations away including students having to learn multiple passwords as we have built Single-Sign-on into the process. Our student portal allows students to sign in and get up to date information surrounding lectures and assignments. It gives current contact details and provides students with a calendar and even an email, contact and calendaring service which syncs to mobile devices. The Business Mechanix student portal is so flexible it fits around each tertiary, PTE or school by allowing you to brand and customise it to suit your needs.  We provide the ability for each student portal whether it be for a tertiary, PTE or school to customize to their individual taste and need, putting you in control of your own workspace. The BMXEDU Student Portal will conveniently bring together the tools your students use every day.  

The BMXEDU Student Portal uses technologies like Moodle, Microsoft Sharepoint and Syllabus Plus and of course Live@EDU/Office 365 for Education. We can help you bring your systems together with Single Sign-on (SSO) as well as nice looking graphics and easy to use solutions.  You sign in once and get full access to your email, contacts, calendar, courses and more. The BMEDU Student Portal gives you a quick overview of your services and lets you do the most common tasks right there in the portal. Without having to jump between screens! All this while still allowing you to easily access the full service when you need to - all this without interrupting the students and teachers.  Problems solved! Key features of the student portal are:- 

  • Single Sign-on: Students login to the student portal and are automatically logged into various solutions including learning management systems, email, calendaring, personalized profile, timetabling, educational announcements and students contact information.  Single-sign-on can also be achieved as an add-on to the students desktops on campus to the Student Portal also.
  • Centralized Key Educational Systems in One Place: Students do not like to be sent to 4 or 5 different places to get content, with the BMXEDU Student Portal, it doesn’t have to be that way- all key systems can be integrated and attached to Single-Sign on, all in one place.
  • Content Managed CMS back-end: With the powerful ability to manage content and stage and review before publishing as well as the ability to have security control over who sees what.
  • Graphical Customization: Ability to customize and style graphics
  • Integration with Live@EDU (now Office365): Single-sign on which allows key items to be configured on the students home page including students calendar, contacts (pinned to a map), emails and reminders.
  • Course Related information: Integrate with your learning management system- we integrate with Moodle out of the box- feed courses through to the home page and let the students click through single sign-on to Moodle or Learning Management information
  • Student Management System Integration (ie.  Artena): Take the hassle away from the institute having to update personal details- get the student to do it!  Let the student update their own addresses and phone numbers through the portal and feed directly into your student management system.
  • Integrate Course Timetable from Syllabus Plus right into your Live@EDU calendar- make life easy for the students do this and then let it sync to their mobile devices too- clever!
  • Timetabling integration:-Use our timetabling add-on for Syllabus plus to bring timetable data right into that central location- the student portal.
  • Friends and Lecturer contact information: Bring key contacts normally stored in Outlook into the Student Portal and pin to web mapping App 

Our Experience 

Business Mechanix has implemented a number of student and alumni portals and has been Microsoft Global Public Sector Award Finalists for our work in this space, some of the need work we have done with Student Portals are:- 

  • Implemented Proof of concept Student Portal for University of Canterbury in conjunction with Microsoft and Uni of Canterbury
  • Created an Alumni Portal for Wintec (beat 3,000 other companies from 100 countries around the world with this solution)
  • Integrated Live@EDU with existing Student Portal for Victoria University
  • Pulled Timetabling information through to Live@EDU for Wintec’s Student Portal to sync with Students calendars
  • Created Alumni Portal Product for USA market around donations and bequesting  

About Business Mechanix 

Business Mechanix knows portals, after all , we’ve been implementing and integrating with them for years.   We are experts in this space as we don’t just understand portals, we also understand the other systems they need to integrate with such as Moodle, Arenta, Tribal and more.  If you want to centralised your institute or schools systems ….talk to us today about what you are trying to achieve and we’d be happy to help. 

Business Mechanix Services

  • Project Management
  • Planning and Design Services
  • Business Analysis, requirements gathering, workshop facilitation
  • Design- User Interface/ Process
  • Proof of Concept Student Portals
  • Technical Architecture Design for your Student Portal
  • Integration of systems with Student Portal
  • Single Sign-on with Student Portal
  • Implementation of Student Portal
  • Custom built web services for internal system to Student Portal
  • Tap into existing web services you have- ie Jade, Microsoft CRM, SharePoint, Office365, Live@EDU and build up front end access via the Student Portal
  • System replacement
  • Social Media Integration
  • Mobile/ device Apps extensions with Student Portals (Andriod/ iPhone- HTML5)
  • Training of your project teams/ up skilling on support of Student Portal on-going