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It’s a universal economic truth that demand is caused by a scarcity of resources. If resources were plentiful then there would be no demand because we’d all have exactly what we need right when we need it, where we needed it. Unfortunately scarcity is an unavoidable reality and we must choose how to best allocate our scarce resources across increasingly competitive demands. Resource Scheduling Solutions provide a system for effectively managing the resources available to us. These vary by organisation but will be units of production such as time for a law firm, trucks for a delivery company or presses for a printer. Managing these key resources effectively is essential in today’s competitive business environment. 

Our Experience:

Business Mechanix itself provides an example of our Resource Scheduling Solutions. The Dynamics CRM service scheduling module has been extended to allow service delivery to manage the time of our consultants against the competing priorities of clients, product innovation and internal support. The service has been in use for over three years now and ensures that every 15 minutes of our consultants’ day is planned and used effectively on the right tasks for the right people. 

About Business Mechanix:

Business Mechanix has been working with Dynamics CRM for over ten years and has a real-life understanding of the complexities and difficulties facing New Zealand businesses today. Extending Dynamics CRM’s out-of-the-box service scheduling module has enabled Business Mechanix to work the way it needs to make effective use of its consultants’ time. Technology has been used to support the way we work instead of changing our processes to fit the capabilities of technology. 

Our Services:

  • Design and planning a resource scheduling solution
  • Installing Dynamics CRM and configuring for service scheduling
  • Consulting on resource scheduling tools and techniques