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It is hard enough worrying about maintaining your commercial buildings without the stress of mandatory compliances. Here at Business Mechanix we know all about it because we own and manage multiple commercial properties and found it almost unmanageable not having a system that would be able to give us a 360 degree view of our properties. We decided to use our expertise in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to design and implement a customised Property Management system which sits within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The system has been designed and built by expert developers and property managers, so you can trust we have understood your and met your property management needs!

The property management system is your one stop shop for all your building maintience and compliance requirements. It manages your Building Warrant of Fitness by storing and reminding you of your IQP and monthly maintience requirements and checks. It is clever enough to know when you have logged an issue to transfer it to case and automatically schedule it for the owner, tenant or property manager to fix. Its gives owners a full 360 view of your commercial building by providing smart and accurate dashboards and reports. Look no further, it is all you will ever need to manage your commercial buildings.

Our Experience

Stewart Investment Properties needed a more efficient and effective way of managing one of their main commercial properties. The old way was a very informal process and relied heavily on people to remember key dates about compliance. Implementing the property management system was easy, it slotted right into their current Microsoft CRM and because it was so flexible they were able to customise it to meet their needs. As a result both the Directors and property manager are now able to get a holistic picture of where the building is at in terms of maintenance and compliance at any given time. They can see any issues with the building and when inspections and warrants are due. They are able to easily add tenants, store service providers contact information and history and, turn issues into cases which get automatically scheduled for the property manager tenants or service providers to fix.

When it comes to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the Property Management system Business Mechanix are the go to guys for designing implementing and customising it. We have been nominated for and won numerous awards for our work in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM space. We have been working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM ever since we can remember and we use all areas of the business heavily. Business Mechanix are also experts at looking at Business Processes and delivering property management solutions to that are in-line with business objectives and will enhance business processes. The best thing about Microsoft Dynamics CRM and our Property Management system is centralises information.



The Business Mechanix property Management system has extensive reporting and dashboarding features that will allow you to get a holistic picture of where your building is at, at any given time including critical IQP issues, issues by building location and severity.  Because Microsoft Dynamics CRM is so flexible we can customise almost any dashboards and reporting needs you require.

  • Out of the box these dash boarding features includes issues per floor, property issues per month, actions that need to be followed up and serverity of property issues.


  • There are two reports that come standard with the property management system.
  1. The first report is on inspection issues. It included the section where the issues are, the item, the IQP company, and any comments.
  2. The second report provides you with an overall report which is which is a compliance requirement for all commercial buildings

Warrant of Fitness

  • Stores a complete building Warrant of Fitness history
  • Has built in alerts and reminders for the annual Warrant of Fitness

IQP and Monthly Maintience Compliance Checks

  • Stores a complete history of all IQP checks and which company did it
  • Stores a complete history of all monthly maintience checks
  • Provides alerts and reminders for the monthly and IQP item inspection, which is a requirement for all commercial building owners to do
  • All issues are given a number based on severity through its rating system

Usability and other important features

  • Users are able to store contact information on services providers
  • It is easy to use
  • Once an issue is logged it will automatically create a case for it and assign to it the owner. It also schedules in the case for the owner to fix the issue.
  • All IQP items are stored and have an alert and reminder about when they are due for renewal
  • It is able to store tenants and map’s the areas within each property
  • It can be based in the cloud or on-premise


  • Implement the property management system
  • Customise it to meet your needs & requirements
  • Project manage the implementation
  • Create change management strategies
  • Integrate it with other systems like finance systems
  • Create and deliver property management strategies