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It’s the little things that can make a huge difference to people’s jobs. As Microsoft Dynamics CRM heavy users and experts this exact phrase is what has made our internal CRM hum. Over the years we have seen a lot of data inconsistencies both internally and externally inside CRM platforms. Business Mechanix CRM add-ons have put the smile back onto a lot of administrators, sales and marketing professional faces and we know our phone number formatter will do this too! We saw a very real need to develop a phone number formatter that automatically formats every phone number the exact same way. This was because our very own CRM had numbers formatted with very different variations including:

  • 1234567
  • 09 123 4567
  • 123 -4567
  • +64 9 123 4567
  • 64 9 1234567

As CRM experts Business Mechanix know that this was not only a problem for us but also for a lot of other businesses as account and contact information is the bread and butter for their Microsoft CRM.

Our Experience

In Business Mechanix our sales team uses CRM on their mobile devices almost every day and they often need to call prospect, customers, staff or partner and rely on the phone number information to provide it for them. Our staff found it extremely difficult, almost near impossible to use the phone numbers in cram to call as they would all be formatted differently and the cell phone sometimes would not pick up the number.

Not only was out sales team impacted but also marketing department were to. Our marketing staff complete call downs after each campaign which often means hundreds of calls are required. When our marketing team get into the rhythm of calling it’s off putting when phone numbers are formatted differently because they have to stop and think about how to dial it on the phone which ultimately slows down the calling process.

After implementing the Phone Number Formatter into our CRM it got rid of our phone number inconsistencies and means all phone numbers are now for example +64 9 123 4567.  An added bonus for us is if you type in the number for example 0800 mechanix the phone number formatter automatically formats it to +64 800 6324 2649 –it’s the little things!

About Business Mechanix

Never under estimate our Microsoft Dynamics CRM capabilities. Business Mechanix can integrate, implement, and customise it to fit your needs. Whether you need a simple add-ons or you need us to develop a fully fledge system, Business Mechanix carry a reputation to be able to deliver to your business needs large or small. Business Mechanix have been in operation for over 13 years and over this time we have worked with a range of companies from large corporates to some of New Zealand’s biggest tertiary education providers. This has seen us implementing CRM solutions that have improved business efficiencies and helped organisations achieve great results.

Business Mechanix Services:

  • Implement the Phone Number Formatter
  • Data de-duping and cleansing
  • Design and develop Add-on to improve efficiencies
  • Consulting in CRM
  • Installation and configuration of CRM
  • Design and Development of CRM systems
  • Upgrades on premise or on premise to the cloud
  • Project Management
  • Low-high level Training for staff