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Marketing Management is about the strategies and processes as well as the technologies used to enhance the marketing process. Organisations often underestimate just what is involved with an entire marketing campaign and some need external agencies to come in a help with the marketing process. Here at Business Mechanix marketing is a shear passion of ours we are creative, knowledgeable and know how to utilise the people and tools to really get outstanding results. Companies often use us as part of the marketing process or throughout the entire process. Because our services are flexible we are able to provide you with options that work for you. Our Experience Business Mechanix have been involved with a number of marketing management services. We have delivered campaign strategies, helped support campaign executions and provided advice on how to best use the technology to support the marketing effort. An example of this was at Zeacom, who saw that Business Mechanix were creative and had a clear process that if used could really put them onto the right track. We knew their CRM system they used for Marketing inside and out, which was a huge bonus for them. Working along the Zeacom Global team Business Mechanix started from scratch building the strategies, developing new processes and changing and adding modifications to their system. The whole process was a huge success, they data was dramatically cleaned up and their sales and a results quadrupled because of the strategies and tools we put in place. Business Mechanix have run marketing campaigns for global companies like Microsoft on numerous occasions. We created and implemented a marketing strategy for Microsoft which was based around a new licencing product. We also did the implementation and planning around the execution that proved successful. Internally, our marketing department uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM on a daily basis to perform all types of marketing functions, which meant that we were able to provide Microsoft with tangible results. They were stoked with our ability to report back, provide accurate results and give positive feedback. As a result of the campaign it increased licencing sales by 37.4%, and we gained information about potential customers that was invaluable. We also offer marketing solutions to centralise information, increase efficiency and productivity, and give better analytical information for executives. Business Mechanix have implemented a marketing solution at Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi (TWWoA). We have also trained their marketing staff on how to use the solution to make their job easier. As a result they have be able make their marketing department work a lot smarter. An example of improved efficiencies in the TWWoA marketing department is the ability to get enquiry statistics (through the Business Mechanix Enquiry Management Systems) and relate it back to marketing campaigns based in the marketing solution to report more effectively and make smarter marketing decisions. About Business Mechanix Business Mechanix have been around for a long time and have worked with a range of companies that have 20 to 200 staff members. We have the ability to look from the outside in and provide crucial information that can really change the way your organisation operates and Business Mechanix produce fantastic results. We carry a reputations of getting stuck in and understanding your business from the ground up. We work with marketing teams directly and on a support basis and really make sure they understand and agree and are on board with marketing management decisions, as well as get them excited. If you need a company that can not only provide strategies, help with implementations, processes and planning as well as being able to provide measureable data and can understand IT systems chances are we are the right partner for you! Business Mechanix Services ? Consult in marketing related strategies ? Campaign Mentoring ? Staff Training on better marketing practises ? Develop and design a marketing strategies ? Execute a marketing campaign ? Mentor, support and assist with marketing activities ? Report and analysis current marketing campaign and effectiveness ? Implement and customise solutions specific to marketing ? Facilitate Workshops or training on implemented marketing solutions ? Develop business processes ? Integrate marketing solutions with other platforms ? Design, customise and implement dashboards, reports, workflows and queues