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Getting addresses all formatted the same in Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be a difficult task at the best of times. When multiple staff are creating and modifying accounts and contacts there is a huge chance of formatting inconsistencies and incomplete address fields. Business Mechanix know just how frosting addressing inconsistencies are as we use Microsoft Dynamics CRM heavily internally, and have become experts in it.

Business Mechanix discovered a must have add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and decided that since we have expert CRM developers we thought who best to create it. After looking around at the maps available to pull the information from we decided to go with Google Maps. Google maps is one of the most commonly used location services in the world and it is also one of the most accurate which means when you purchase our Google Address Finder Microsoft Dynamics CRM add-on you know that the information being populated is correct.

When the Google Address Finder is integrated into a CRM solution is appears in one line above the address fields. This means the user can start typing in the dialogue box the street number and the beginning of the street name and the address options correlating to it will appear directly below. Once the correct address is selected it automatically populate and fill out all the required fields like Number, Name, Suburb, City and Country.

The reason we love this add-on is it’s easy to use and will prove to be an invaluable tool just like we have.

Our Experience

Business Mechanix decided to develop and integrate the Google Address Finder into our address fields. This was because we had international addresses that our Post Code Finder add-on couldn’t not find as well. The Google Address Finder also requires no updating as the data automatically updates and is refreshed more frequently. It is is perfect for physical and international addresses whilst our postcode finder is fantastic at PO/Private Boxes addresses.

Oh by the way, our website is built off the Microsoft CRM portal and we decided to add the Google Address Finder into the contact page. This means if you wish to make an enquiry through our website contact form, the mandatory address field requires minimal typing. All you need to do is start typing their address then a dialogue box will appear giving you the option if what address to choose. Once the address is chosen it will automatically populate the rest, including the street name, region and Country. Once the form is submitted the information then populated back into our CRM and automatically formulated into the correct fields – make our admin staff very happy!

About Business Mechanix

Business Mechanix have been designing Microsoft Dynamics CRM add-ons for a number of years and know when integration into your CRM will improve business efficiencies. How do we know - Because we have integrated them with our CRM and have seen instant results our data is cleaner than it has ever been. Yes it has meant hard work in cleaning up our data but in the end the team would say they never looked back! If our add-ons are not what you are after no problems we have clever CRM developers that are able to design, develop and integrate add-ons that you need.

Business Mechanix Services

  • Implement the Google address finder
  • Data de-duping and cleansing
  • Design and develop Add-on to improve efficiencies
  • Consulting in CRM
  • Installation and configuration of CRM
  • Design and Development of CRM systems
  • Upgrades on premise or on premise to the cloud
  • Project Management
  • Low-high level Training for staff