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It can be a nightmare to keep track of information regarding your fleet especially for insurance and IRD purposes, Business Mechanix know as we have been there. That’s why were developed The Fleet Management System for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The fleet management system allows businesses to easily manage and track your fleet. The system’s been built with New Zealand in mind and allows you track Warrant of Fitness (WOF), Registration and Road User Charges (RUC’s). It can support cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, mopeds, bicycles and even boats and trailers. It can be based either in the cloud or on premise and its flexibility enables change as business processes and requirements change. It can integrate with Navman GPS to track mileage. 

The Business Mechanix Fleet Management System focusses on providing a highly visible, easy to understand way of managing fleet.  It keeps track of every aspect of your fleet providing an up to date snapshot of all the information relating to each of your cars.  With this system Business Mechanix have ensured your fleet is running at maximum efficiency with no downtime due to unexpected or missed services, late Warrant of Finesses or overbooking. It’s all you will ever need to manage your entire fleet.

Business Mechanix Services

  • Implement your fleet management system
  • Design and customise the fleet management system to meet your business needs
  • Train and support users and staff
  • Integrate with other systems such as Navmans GPS Tracking and Mileage System
  • Project manage the system from start to finish
  • Work with executives on strategy sessions around change management
  • Map your business processes
  • Support and maintenance including upgrades to the fleet management system

Our Experience

Business Mechanix have extensive knowledge when it comes to Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the cloud and on premise, we have implemented both, numerous times. We are a Microsoft gold partner and a Microsoft Global award finalist. We are specialists in Dynamics CRM as we have implemented, integrated and customised it into many different businesses both large and small scaled including MediaWorks, The University of Auckland Clinical Trails Unit as well as a Global Pharmaceutical company.

We also own and manage our own fleet which of course comes with a bunch of legal and moral requirements. We needed a system that was robust and flexible as legal and insurance requirements change frequently, as well the other number of vehicles grows. We use this system on a daily basis and our fleet manager couldn’t be happier. Business Mechanix use the very same Fleet Management System and we love it!

Features of the Fleet Management System

 Warrant of Fitness (WOF)

  • Stores the history of all the warrants attained for the car including the dates, where the Warrants were done and the cost
  • The next WOF due date is stored, with alerts being sent out as the date approaches
  • At any time users are able to see whether any cars have an overdue WOF


  • Stores a detailed log of vehicles registration purchases
  • Stores expiry date of the Registration with reminders being to to purchase it
  • Stores where the registration was purchased, how much it cost, the date purchased and the expiry date


  • Stores a complete history of all services performed on each vehicle
  • Shows who did the service, how much it cost and the mileage at the time of the service
  • Tracks costs of car services, along with reminders when the next service is due 
  • Calculates the next service schedule, based off both mileage and time

 Road User Charges (RUC)

  • Sending alerts when the RUC is due to run out
  • A detailed history is stored including the cost, mileage and where each RUC was purchased
  • The system asks which fuel type the car runs on, if Diesel is selected, a RUC Expiry kms field automatically appears
  • Asks how many kms were purchased and the price and calculates the new RUC expiry dates

 Damage and Repairs

  • Stores information of all damages to vehicles, along with the costs of repairs. 
  • Stores information on how the car got damaged, and which other vehicles were involved.
  • Stores information about if a Tow Company was used and their information

 State and Conditions

  • Supports a regular scheduled state and condition check on vehicles to confirm the car is tidy, in good condition and the log book is up to date and logs the new mileage of the car 


  • Keeps track of vehicles insurance, with information detailing the Insurance company, excess, no claims bonus and annual insurance fees of each vehicles
  • Keeps track of vehicles insurance policies including the policy cover, type of insurance (i.e. full insurance), description of cover, expiry dates and callout rates


  • Comes with a scheduling engine and calendar to book cars out for appointments such as customer visits and services, this ensures that businesses don’t run into issues with two people needing the last car at the same time, or someone who cannot drive manual being stuck with only manual cars
  • Can schedule by using two different methods
  1. Booking an appointment for a specific car and looking for an available time
  2. When a car is required at a specific date and time and any available car is needed

Dashboards and Reports

Dashboards contain graphs that can show users information regarding fleet at a glance. The information is calculated or collated through different fields in the Fleet Management System.

Out of the Box

  • Provides a dashboard overview showing the Service and Repair costs of each vehicle, both over time and per kilometer travelled. 
  • Shows which of cars are being used the most and which are involved in the most accidents. Clicking an individual graph will present you with three options.
  • Shows the average annual cost of the repairs the cars have incurred. The cars are identified with their licence plate number.
  • Average Annual Service Cost
  • Distance Travelled in the Past 30 Days
  • Distance Travelled in the Past Year
  • Cost of Services per Km
  • Cost of Repairs per Km


  • Dashboards can be customised dashboards to show anything about a business’s fleet

 Alerts and Escalations

  • Regular reminders are sent as expiry dates come close 
  • If tasks are not actioned escalations are sent ensuring fleet is maintained efficiently and legally
  • Actively monitors the state of vehicles and sends out alerts whenever action is required (For example reminders of when a vehicle is due for servicing, a new warrant of fitness, registration and more.
  • The ability to choose who the alerts go to and how much time in advance to get them (for example 21 days before registration is due, 14 days’ and/or 2 days before)

 Reminders include

  • Road User Charges Expiry - Alert is sent 1000km before the Road User Charges are due
  • Car Service Due Reminder - Alerts are run on both mileage and time. The service is considered due either 10,000kms or 6 months after the last service – whichever comes first
  • Cambelt Reminder - Alert is sent out 5000 km before the vehicle is due for a new cambelt