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ASLO (Advanced Simulated Learning Objects) is Kinect for Windows applications developed by Business Mechanix. Just like the Xbox 360 these are applications that allow users to navigate and use the application primarily through voice and gesture. Business Mechanix put their crafty business caps on and designed applications for the business world. The idea – to bring gamification into businesses to improve efficiencies. This is how the Back2Fit back care range of motion came about. This fully featured Kinect for Windows module uses a range of Kinect Technologies such as Voice recognition and Skeletal Tracking. The ability for our clever developers to work with this technology and create something that has to be seen to believe has seen Business Mechanix at the forefront of this technology.


Business Mechanix worked alongside Back2Fit (a targeted Backcare Centre which offers tailored Backcare Fitness Training) to create a fully featured Kinect for Windows back and neck range of motion assessment application. The director at Back2fit needed a more accurate way to do the required back assessment for new clients as well as a reassessment down the track. The previous method was with pen and paper and measuring the range of motion was done by using a measuring tape. The Business Mechanix developers used a range of tools to develop this highly complex application including mathematical algorithms. The application uses only gesture and voice and videos that show the instruction of the movement required. Progress is tracked and saved for comparison next time the exercises are undertaken. Users are given feedback and the end and scored on a scale out of 10 so weaknesses are easily captured and quick information provided. As a result the Back2Fit director can now accurately assess the range of motion of both the neck and back which means she are able to better understand her clients condition and prescribe the right exercise and/or rehabilitation programmes.

About Business Mechanix

Business Mechanix love working with new technologies and when the Kinect for Windows Software Development Kit came onto the market we leaped at the chance to develop an application with it. We have experience developing large applications or small customise ones which means we can develop almost any Kinect for Windows application for you.

Our Services

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