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If you have a gut feeling you are paying too much, chances are you are! Business Mechanix have consultants with over 20 years’ experience in IT and business. We are able to review your IT Expenditure either at a glance or in more depth. We are able to review 12 months technology expenditure or 5 years expenditure or more and provide advice on current pricing through to detailed financial analysis.

This IT Expenditure review consultancy service has in the past has revealed everything from fraudulent activity to gross over-spending. We also have revealed the opposite- gross underspending and budget wrong sizing for the size and type of organisation. If all is well, we can give you the peace of mind and re-assurance you need that your technology spend is right-sized to your organisation.

If you are a Senior Executive simply asking ‘why are we spending so much?’ or a board member mitigating risk, we can help you with a solution to fit your budget. IT Expenditure Reviews start at $1,500 + GST