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The jewel in our crown would have to be the Business Mechanix ability to use Web Services Integration to make our customers systems sing.  We take existing systems and through clever design, integrate them together, most of the time using Web Services Style integration. Many people think this means integration over the internet, true in some cases, not in others.  Business Mechanix use web services integration to achieve things such as the integration of finance systems with CRM, the integration of password reset portals with student management systems or even mobile apps to back office systems. Our web services integration skills make the ability to connect in from your systems to other companies systems or simply your own systems internally look easy. Our team have been doing this for years. Our technical staff have to pass our minimum entry technical test, based on a high level of web services competency, this is because it’s such a critical part of any business process integration/ systems work we do. 

Our Experience

Business Mechanix has many examples of our work with web services. For Wintec, we built a mobile application running on Andriod, iPads and iPhones using web services integration back to their on premise CRM.  We also couldn’t resist building our own integration for the Fleet system using web services to integrate with NavMan GPS tracking to automatically update a vehicles mileage! For Mediaworks, we used web services to update their Radio Engineering Service Desk with contacts from their Active Directory. For Waikato Uni, we hooked into the Jade Web Service as part of the re-development we did for their Application for Enrolment system. Web services were also used with many of our social media integrations, in conjunction with APIs- for example the Linkedin Feed on the homepage of this website also uses this technology, built by our clever team. Whether it’s XML, SOAP, WCF used with a combination of XAML, HTML/ CSS and even open source technologies and Single Sign-on/ Authentication Token services such as SAML 2 and Shibboleth, we are sure we’ve got most bases covered. 

About Business Mechanix 

If you are looking for Web Services Integration developers, Business Mechanix are specialists in this area. We know how to work with you on your projects in the most efficient and cost effective manner to bring in innovation and delivery. Our range of experience and desire to help our customers move forward with innovative business process change, fantastic web services integration and technology based solutions, Business Mechanix are a great choice for you next project.  We can integrate almost any system together….talk to us today about what you are trying to achieve and we’d be happy to help. 

Business Mechanix Services

  • Design – integration- Web Portal to internal system
  • Design- architecture- Open Source and Microsoft/ Oracle technologies
  • Custom built web services for internal system to internal system
  • Tap into existing web services you have- ie Jade, Microsoft CRM and build up systems for front end access
  • Field to field integration
  • Planning and Design Services
  • Quality Assurance for web services you’ve built that you’d like us to check
  • Technology solution delivery – nearly all types of web services integration
  • Web Services integration with Microsoft CRM and SharePoint
  • Web Services Integration with Jade
  • Web Services Integration with Artena/ Moodle
  • Training of your project teams/ up skilling or mentoring on Web Services Integration
  • Resource Placements/ extra support for projects – technical staff including web service developers, web service designers/ architects, project managers