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Over the years Business Mechanix have delivered a range of training courses to a range of different clients, everything from CRM, Outlook, Adobe Captivate, Live@edu (Office 365’s predecessor), Office 365 for Teaching and Learning and Forefront Identity Manager just to name a few. As technology has advanced and our skills have developed and our variety of training course has grown. Business Mechanix has a team that is able to deliver both highly technical and end user training. We have the ability and experience to deliver customised training to meet your business requirements. Our method of delivery keeps attendees engaged and we incorporate labs which gives users hands on experience which means they are able to do as well as learn. We provide attendees with a comprehensive take home book which will help them in the office.

Our Experience

Business Mechanix designed and delivered a range of courses around Adobe Captive which proved to be a very popular course. It looked at how to build and online training/e-learning session using Adobe Captivate. This attracted attendees from Waiariki, Eastern Institute of Technology, Environment Waikato, Manukau Institute of Technology and Te Wānanga o Aotearoa who all attended the course. The attendees got a lot out of the sessions and we received great feedback.

Recently we provided training in our specialised training office in Auckland to Life Care Consultants. We taught them how to customise entities, how to create marketing campaigns as well as work flows and SQL reports. The attendees loved it and said our team “were great. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Was great to be able to access our own CRM for specific example” and “very useful training”.

Furthermore, Business Mechanix were contracted into AUT University over a number of weeks and provided user training on Outlook to their staff. We custom designed the training outline and its contents against their requirements which meant they got exactly what they needed. The trainer also went around to the users once the course was complete to make sure the content was understood and the users were happy. AUT University staff were raving about the course and know it has made a huge difference to user adoption and understanding of the product capabilities.  

After a server exchange outage the New Zealand School of Education decided to switch to Office 365 and needed to train their staff almost immediately after. Business Mechanix provided a short 3 hour training course with taught users the basics of navigating through and using the services within the application. Our ability to be able to create and deliver the training with little notice meant the new users we able to use the new product and access their emails.   

Business Mechanix delivered a training Course for Live@edu (Office 365 predecessor) to a number of Wellington schools including Pomare School, Koranui School, Kilbirnie School and Raphel house, along with a number of others. Here we designed and delivered a course especially for the academic staff around how to incorporate the Live@edu into the teaching a learning space. This one day course covered a range of topics from how to use email to communication with staff, students and parent, how to create and manage groups as well as using the Office web apps. The course was a huge success and as a result teachers we able to go back and teach other teachers which the schools loved!

Business Mechanix also delivers training to Industry Training Organisations or ITOs. Business Mechanix recently provided The Skills Organisation with CRM customisation training. We tailored a training course and content to their specific needs. Our staff taught them in their own environment and provided post training assistance. We also provided training on the Agile methodology as used by Business Mechanix. We have our own flavour of Agile which includes the normal sprints, scrums, and retrospectives. Our Agile training also applies to the manager of the project as it has a specific method for project management.

About Business Mechanix:

Business Mechanix are not your typical IT Company we are a full services company that like to get out and spread our knowledge. We write, design and deliver the courses ourselves which means you are getting knowledge from the experts. We have the ability to hold training courses in our purpose built training room in Auckland or we can come to you. Our team are friendly, approachable and love working with people and really do make sure you learn great things on the courses. If you have something you would like us to train in that is more unique feel free to ask and we are sure we will be able to help you out!

 Business Mechanix Services:

  • Deliver training onsite
  • Deliver training in our offices
  • Customise a training programme to meet your needs
  • Floor walk throughout your organisation once training is complete to answer any questions or provide support
  • Provide on-going support