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Knowing your environment inside and out when looking at doing any migration or upgrade is essential. Understanding the nuts and bolts and what is making it run will ensure a successful outcome for any business. Sometimes IT staff write scripts on top of scripts which can often make it difficult for an implementation, upgrade and migration to run smoothly. This is where the expertise and experience of Business Mechanix come in! We are able to look at your environment with a fresh pair of eyes and provide you with all the information you need to know before the migrations or upgrade. The information that we have provide to some of our clients has been invaluable and some ultimately meant their project was a success.

Our Experience

Business Mechanix worked closely with Manukau Institute of Technology to deliver a thorough system readiness report before their live@edu migration. They had just employeed a new ICT director he needed to know what was in the environment to eliminate risks before committing to a full scale migration. As the ICT director was fairly new he had no idea what was really behind the walls of their Live@edu. Business Mechanix delivered a fantastic report that gave them a detail looked into the account and security, provisioning process, their ILM configuration, their scripts in use, readiness for Forefront Identity Manager and Active Directory Federation Services as well as an implementation plan. In a nut shell it was all they needed, it drastically minimised risk and allowed them to see where any issues/if any may occur during the process.

About Business Mechanix

Business Mechanix deep understanding in large scale information systems means we are able to provide you with experience that is almost second to none. We have dealt with systems that hold massive amounts of data and users. Business Mechanix have the experience to really get into your system and understand it’s mechanics at its core. We thrive on complex challenges and delivering reports that help you to sleep easier at night! Business Mechanix has over 13 years’ experience in providing IT services to a range of corporate and education providers. We have a passion for technology and carry a reputation of simply getting the job done!

Our Services

  • Deliver full scale system readiness reports
  • Provide an implementation plan