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Business Mechanix have been implementing Single Sign-on and Identity Management Solutions for over 5 years. We have rolled out Identity Management Solutions for over 1,000,000 identities. You could say when it comes to identity management we know what we are talking about! Business Mechanix are one of the only companies that specialises in identity management and we are one of the best in New Zealand. We have implemented Microsoft Identity Management technologies (including Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) and its predecessor Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager (ILM) ) in over 30 different sites. We have Setup some of the largest Microsoft Forefront Identity Management solutions in NZ including

  • Victoria University
  • Whitireia New Zealand
  • Wintec


Some of our proudest work includes Mediaworks where we implemented a custom-built Active Directory integration for syncing CRM Contacts. Coca-Cola where we implemented a cloud authentication on Azure for their CMS system.

Eastern Institute of Technology, who required an identity management solution to manage 70,000 identities across the Active Directory (AD), Artena, Office 365 and Papercut.

Also Laidlaw College who required an identity management solution to integrate over 3,000 identities across Artena, AD, and Moodle.

Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) who required an identity management solution to integrate 60,000 identities across many different platforms including Tribal, Sun LDAP, two Active Directories and Office 365.

Another example of our Identity Management work is at the University of Waikato. It is an on-going project and to date we have integrated FIM with an Oracle Database, AD, and SharePoint for over 80,000 Identities.

Our experience is like no other we have implemented NAS level encryption for the encryption of a user name and password routine before it was passed to the cloud for extra security as well as implemented Identity and Authentication for BYOD including the setup of 100,000 alumni identities. We have rolled out both ADFS and federation for Single-Sign-on for Cloud to On-Premise or Cloud to Cloud or On-Premise for over 100,000 identities already and we have been implementing ADFS with Microsoft CRM for the past 2 years to create single sign on for users.

When it comes to Microsoft Office 365 and Identity Management Business Mechanix are the go to guys. We have deployed ADFS for Office 365 and On-Premise Single Sign-on with Active Directory for a number of organisations. We have enabled students to have single sign-on the Office 365 from their on-campus computers. Modified Windows Live Authentication to use Claims based authentication for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Used Identity Management, Active Directory, ADFS and Single Sign-on solutions to achieve Single-Sign-on between Office 365 and student management systems. We used Identity Management Databases to achieve automatic update in HR systems to update staff phone directories when people change roles implemented Identity Management Solutions for Authentication with SharePoint, AD and Oracle.

Combining our Identity Management knowledge with our deep knowledge of Active Directory, Portals, Office 365 and Student Management Systems we know why you need fantastic identity management and we can architect a solution to work for you.

Business Mechanix Identity Management Services

  • Identity Management Design & Architecture (any identity platform including Oracle, Sun, Microsoft)
  • Identity Management Implementation- Microsoft ILM and FIM
  • Microsoft Active Directory Clean-ups prior to Identity Implementations
  • Support for Identity Management Self Installs of ILM or FIM
  • Setup and Configuration of FIM or ILM to sync identities with Email Systems, Student Management Systems, Learning Management Systems, HR and Finance Systems
  • Training on configuration of FIM
  • Creating Management Agents
  • Implementation of ADFS for federation
  • Implementation of Password Changing Portals with SMS Texting integration for self-service of password changing for students