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Business Mechanix has been a hosting reseller since 2003 and were the first in New Zealand to have a hosted Microsoft exchange offering based on Microsoft Exchange 2003. In addition, we were also the first in New Zealand to host Microsoft CRM 3.0 in 2005, which we did for AUT University. Moving to the present times, Business Mechanix are the largest implementer in New Zealand of Microsoft cloud services, boasting an impressive 1 million users setup over the past few years. In 2012, Business Mechanix also hosted Coca-Colas vending machine web portal on Azure. Following in 2013 we went on to setup the very first virtual lab of classrooms for a private training provider running on Amazon Web Services. If you are looking for a hosting reseller, Business Mechanix is able to offer both public and private cloud hosting. If you are looking for competitive pricing and implementation costs, talk to us today about moving your in-house servers and systems to a hosted platform. It could save you hassle, time and money and mirage the risk of aging servers sitting in your server room perhaps with little or untested disaster recovery procedures too. Take control of your future and host your technology through Business Mechanix offerings in either Microsoft or Amazon cloud or you can talk to us about a private in country solution in NZ. 

Our Experience

Business Mechanix has many examples of our work as a hosting reseller. We have provided hosting on our own infrastructure, and in more recent years, have moved to the mass scale options of public cloud such as Microsoft and Amazon. Some of our examples of our hosting work include the following:- 

  • Hosted exchange email solution for EBC brakes
  • Hosted Microsoft CRM deployment for AUT University
  • Hosted lotus notes domino server for summit quinoa (now balance)
  • Cloud accelerate parter for Microsoft  
  • Hosted real estate listings processing system for Professionals Realestate
  • Implementation of many Microsoft office365 deployments- 40 plus individual deployments to date
  • Implementation of amazon cloud for NZSE virtual student labs
  • Deployment of Microsoft CRM online for a number of CRM customers 

About Business Mechanix

Our range of experience and desire to help our customers move forward with the hosting solution that best meets their needs is where we aim to be. We are one of the most experienced large volume hosting/ public cloud deployed in NZ and understand the process of moving to the could inside and out, in fact we ourselves extensively use both Microsoft and Amazon cloud to support our own infrastructure. We understand security, hybrid models and how to make your choice of infrastructure work for you. If you simply want a strategy, we can also provide one for you around hosting options. Business Mechanix will provide advice, guidance and the best solution to meet your hosting needs. Whether you are looking for hosted email,or for someone to host your finance or CRM systems, or perhaps entire servers or computing labs, we look forward to discussing with you what you are trying to achieve and we’d be happy to help. 

Business Mechanix Services

  • Consulting
  • Private hosting inside New Zealand
  • Architecture design of hybrid cloud and on premise models
  • Entire data centre outsourcing or hosting 
  • Implementation and moving of virtual or vm hosts to Microsoft or amazon cloud
  • Planning and Design Services for hosting/ cloud change
  • Change Management
  • Project Management
  • Microsoft CRM online hosting
  • Microsoft Office 365 hosting
  • Full server platform hosting
  • Microsoft Azure hosting 
  • Amazon web services hosting
  • Quality Assurance and audits for your current hosting setup which you may  simply like us to check or review
  • Single sign-on between hosted environments and on premise 
  • Federation between your cloud and another organisations cloud
  • Security design and implementation
  • Training of your teams/ up skilling on working with and administering cloud and hosted environments
  • Advisory and on-going support and advice for hosting related services  you’d like to implement, change or review