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In May 2013, it is expected that the smartphone and tablets will exceed PC’s. Are you allowing your users to access important information from any device especially those who are on the road. Business Mechanix have over 10 years’ experience in the education and corporate sector where we have developed and implemented applications developed in HTML5 that are used by 1000’s of people. HTML5 allows users to access content and applications from any device (Ipad, Iphone, Andriods, Tablets) offline, on planes or when there is no cell coverage. HTML5 is the integration of several different technologies (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and server-based technologies)

Our Experience

An example of our HTML5 development includes The Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec). They had staff members who were out on the road meeting with key stakeholders regularly. Their inability to see information regarding each stakeholder meant they didn’t know who the last person was to have contact with, where they were located and other important information.  They needed a way to access to critical relationship management information at the touch of their finger tips from any device.

Business Mechanix designed and developed a HTML5 based mobile CRM system thatprovided on and offline access to critical relationship management information for Wintec-supported mobile devices. Staff were able to add and update information on or offline, as well as assign tasks. The data that they were able to view was Account, Contact, Activity, Committee and Group, Connection and Address information. Mapping and direct calling, task allocating, texting and e-mailing are supported for devices with the required capabilities.

The beauty of this technology is that you are not limited by the type of mobile technology your staff uses.  Because we can develop systems in HTML5 you are able access vital anywhere and from any device. The feedback provided by staff has been that the technology has changed the way they operate. The maintenance of their relationships and processes has become faster, easier and more efficient. Better yet if they use almost any type of mobile device it would work – both on and offline as it syncs to the local device.

What People Are Saying About Us

“Our new system is functional, user friendly and provides a seamless mobile experience”Ritesh Chandra, Change Programme Manager, Wintec.

Benefits of HTML5

  • No need to develop apps for separate mobile platforms such as Apple, Android and Windows
  • Don’t have to use an app store to load onto a device
  • Can run the app and view data offline
  • Not expensive to develop, a license is required

This solution is perfect for companies with a customer database who employ (or want to employ) technology to assist them in managing and enhancing their customer relationships. It is great for companies who require on and offline access and have staff members and representatives with multiple types of mobile devices who are out and about especially those with iPhones, iPads, and Androids. We can design and deliver a solution that works on all Androids, i-Phones, i-Pads and Tablets with the same code base. There are no extra applications needed on the device! We can customise the program and data to sync from your database, access and update customer details, allocate tasks and sync this information back through your database and your Microsoft Outlook!

The Business Mechanix team are very experienced and have degrees in computer science and software engineering and have achieved amazing success in some of the most challenges projects that include HTML5 development

Business Mechanix HTML5 Services

  • Design and develop applications in HTML5 to work on multiple devices, such as Android, IPhone, IPad and Windows Phones
  • Project Manage the solution
  • Train staff and users
  • The support and maintenance of the product