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Designing the graphic elements of any website and portal can be the make or break factor that turns websites from a good too great. Getting the right information on the page and crafting it in a way that is visually appealing will help get your message across. Making sure that if you decide to develop a web portal that it is both functional and usable is also just important, who can’t to login into a site where you don’t know where to log into, you don’t know how to login and you don’t know where to access important information. Business Mechanix have the expertise of being able to design both the graphic and usability elements to any web page of portal. We have the creative ability and have invested in the right roducts to be able to deliver nice looking graphic elements that have a bit of spark to them. We also have a great team of developers who work closely with the graphic designers that can pretty much make your dream a reality when it comes to the usability aspects of your portal.

Our Experience

Business Mechanix designed the look and feel of Whitireia New Zealand’s new student portal the portal was both functional and looking aesthetically appealing. It included vital information like the student’s details, their course, their result, calendar and email information. We have also created two concept designs for the University of Canterbury student portals.  

Our very own password changing portal was created by our technical developers and graphically designed, which was implemented at Eastern Institute of Technology and Whitireia New Zealand.

We have also designed websites for:

  • Back2Fit
  • Capanella website
  • EBC breaks
  • Motor One

Our very own Business Mechanix portal is was created by us from scratched. Our marketing and graphics team put together all of the images and page layout and our developers used CSS to turn it into what we have today!

About Business Mechanix

Business Mechanix have an eye for creativity that can help you stand out from the crowd. Our graphics and usability design work has seen us work with a range of clients from education providers to a health and fitness business. Our range of experience and desire to help our customers move forward is the right choice when designing your next website/portal. 

Business Mechanix Services:

  • Design website/portals
  • Customise and add in any graphic element require
  • Provide project management resources