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When an organisation identifies a need but cannot find a system to fulfil that need closely, or the need relates to a strategic project, it becomes necessary to create or significantly modify a system.  This is where our developers shine.  Our team of talented innovators work with all sorts of technologies and languages from Microsoft C#.NET or F#.NET, to PHP or PERL, to HTML5 and Objective C, they love it all!

Whether creating mobile applications for Androids or iPads, or knitting cloud services together, or creating gesture or touch applications, we've got what you need.  Our experience developing for Kinect for Windows is the most advanced in New Zealand and world leading.  Cloud Knitting is where our talented team integrate public clouds, private clouds and on-premise applications to form one seamless user experience. We use our clever use of web-services combining cloud platforms and stitch it up to provide a robust and stable experience. 

We incorporate a wealth of experience and business nouse in our developments, the creativity is not just in the coding.  We have some of the most talented application designers in the world who regularly create applications that blow the socks off Microsoft's worldwide executive team.

Business Mechanix have been involved in web development almost since its inception in early 2000, from clever e-stores moving into the development of their own sophisticated CMS based solution used by brands such as Coca-Cola and Variety Children’s charity. In recent times and as technologies have continued to improve, Business Mechanix have been developing web portals for large scale sites such as Wintec and Mediaworks. We have built web-portals both using our own technology as well as open source technologies such as Umbraco as well as Microsoft technologies such as Sharepoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Even our own website is developed using the CRM Portal technology- just to show case what can been done with a free add-on product to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  We can work through Web Portals from the design process, or work with your current in-house or external design or advertising company.

Our strengths lie in the clever stuff- integrating your existing systems in one smart looking front end site. We can integrate finance systems, student management systems, CRM systems, document management systems, IT helpdesk system and more to your web portal. The best part is we are also experts at single-sign-on and know about all of the tricky security methods and rules too. 

Our Experience

Business Mechanix has many examples of our work with Mobile Device Applications, Open Source development, PERL development, Cloud Knitting, Kinect for Windows development and more.

For Wintec, we built a mobile application that could be using on all different types of mobile devices like Android, iPads and iPhones. The MobilizeRM (Mobilize Relationship Management) application allows executives and management at Wintec to view, add, and update information both on and offline as well as assign tasks to other users.  Best of all Wintec’s MobilizeRM application can be accessed via device browser for both on and offline access and as such does not require an additional app to be installed on the device.  

A Major training ITO has recently contracted Business Mechanix to build a proof of concept Mobile Device Application that is again is built in HTML5 and will allow their staff on the road to see important information regarding their clients and prospects. Because Business Mechanix have developed this proof of concept in HTML 5 it means that their staff can use this application on any mobile device. Also, we have designed it in a way that allows it to be extremely flexible and be able able to change and grow with the organisation, which is a huge bonus for this particular ITO as government policies change and different information is required.

Business Mechanix worked with the University of Waikato where used Perl Development in conjunction with XSLT to extend their Enrolment Application process. The University of Waikato where having huge issues with incomplete enrolment forms. They knew the enrolment form was too long, it wasn’t user friendly and did not capture the right information. Because of this departments like the School of Business weren’t getting the right information and making student fill out another form. Business Mechanix were brought in to help redevelop the front end of the enrolment application website and navigation portion as well as add, modify and remove fields using Perl and the primary language.  As a result it had made the enrolment process easier for the student and has improved the number of students who completed the forms 100% and it has also removed duplicated enrolment information.

We used cloud knitting when we created the Wintec Alumni Portal which was a Worldwide Microsoft Education Partner of the Year Finalist in 2012. We beat over 3,000 other entries from over 100 counties. Here we used 9 different clouds in over 5 different countries and stitched it together with an on premise server. The project was initiated in July 2011 and went live at the end of September 2011. The final design included a multi access portal where alumni can enter and update information online and the data automatically populates the CRM system which is set up with multiple workflows and triggers the appropriate reactions when clients filled out certain fields in the online form through the portal. Because the system is hosted in the cloud so there are no physical servers to maintain or upgrade and no initial hardware investment.

The Business Mechanix team have developed a number of applications primarily using the Kinect for Windows development kit. Our product range is called ASLO (Advanced Simulated Learning Objects) and under this brand Business Mechanix have developed applications from little desk buddies (Postural Analysis and Screen focuses) which aims to make office works jobs a little more comfortable and easier to fully feature modules (Te Reo Teacher, Back2Fit range of motion) which incorporates the full range of Kinect for Windows.

Some would say web portals are what Business Mechanix are most well known for.  From Wintecs Alumni Portal global Microsoft Award finalist nomination- beating over 3,000 other global companies from over 100 countries, to Waikato University’s Open Source Application for Enrolment Redevelopment to Mediaworks internal service desk portal used in over 140 markets such as stations like The Rock, MoreFM and GeorgeFM, you could say Business Mechanix know a thing or two about creating Portals.

Business Mechanix has created web portals for the following scenarios:- 

  • Alumni Portal- integrated with 35,000 Alumni IDs from the Student Management system- accessible to up to 35,000 Alumni
  • Public websites for Northtec using Sharepoint- accessible to general public
  • Public Website for Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi using SharePoint and later, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Portal- accessible to general public
  • Created Web Portal Intranet for Te Whāre Wananga o Awanuiārangi for their staff intranet- accessible to staff only
  • Business Mechanix Public Website using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Portal- accessible to general public
  • Created Student Portal Proof of Concept for University of Canterbury – was accessible for up to 25,000 students
  • Service Desk Self Service Portal created in conjunction with Mediaworks internal team for Radio Engineers and later rolling out to IT Support- accessible to staff at over 140 markets/ radio stations and later TV3
  • Created Service Desk Portal for Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi for both IT Service Desk and Facilities Management Service Desk – accessible to internal staff
  • Created Password Changing Portal for Password Change Self Service for Whitireia Polytechnic accessible to nearly 10,000 students

About Business Mechanix 

Our range of experience and desire to help our customers move forward with innovative web portals, fantastic technology services or simple advice, make Business Mechanix are a great choice for you next web portal project.  We can either make the most of what you already have and build a nice web portal on top of your existing systems that will give you efficiency gains and a good return on investment or we can build a whole new portal.  We can also integrate almost any system together with your web portal and love getting our hands dirty with the sometimes daunting older or specialist technologies we find we need to integrate with- we may even surprise you to leverage more out of what you have existing through integration and clever mobile and front end web and touch technology, or if you’ve simply had enough- we can replace or supplement your systems with totally new web and  touch enabled designed web portal from the ground up….talk to us today about what you are trying to achieve and we’d be happy to help.

Business Mechanix have been in operation for over 13 years and have always managed to stay a head of the game when it comes to new technologies. We have worked with a range of companies in a range a different areas from large – medium sized corporates to some of the biggest education providers in New Zealand. We have a reputation of being innovative and loving providing our customers with crafty solutions which sometimes sees them making ground breaking advancements for their sector and in the country. The great thing about Mobile Device Applications is we have the experience and tools to be able to develop for a single devices like Androids or multi devices iPads, iPhones, Androids and Blackberry with our clever use of HTML development. So whether you just need a proof of concept, or you want us to develop a fully functional mobile application we are your go to mobile device application development company. 

Business Mechanix Services

  • Project Management
  • Planning and design services
  • Strategy for your Web Portal and approach
  • Business Analysis, requirements gathering, workshop facilitation
  • Design- architecture- Open Source and Microsoft technologies
  • Integration of systems
  • Custom built web portals with touch enabled functionality
  • Tap into existing web services you have and integrate into your portal- ie Jade, Mainframe, Microsoft CRM, SharePoint and build up systems for web portal access
  • System replacement with web portal
  • Upgrades of your existing web portal
  • Social Media Integration with your web portal
  • Quality Assurance for web portals  you’ve built that you’d like us to check
  • Training of your project teams/ up skilling on new web portal technologies
  • Resource Placements/ extra support for web portal projects – technical staff including web portal developers, web portal designers/ architects, trainers , project managers
  • Train new users on the application
  • Graphically design the application
  • Build proof of concept’s
  • Deliver and high level Design, planning and scoping report
  • Integrate the application with other systems like Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Project Manage the solution
  • The support and maintenance of applications
  • Perl Training
  • Develop a website using Perl
  • Develop mobile application using Perl
  • Extends websites and other current solutions using Perl (if they have Perl Bindings or Web Services.