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Open Source Development is used by our developers to create solutions otherwise time consuming or impossible using conventional development frameworks. Open Source Development is malleable in that its capabilities are ever-changing and alive being constantly contributed to by a worldwide network of volunteers. Open Source Development involves the use of one of the thousands of available Open Source development languages that are written, constructed and distributed by communities of developers wishing to conduct a range of unique tasks using a familiar but specific set of methods.

Open Source Development can also involve the utilisation of open libraries of code that enable our developers to start with a foundation of code when approaching a task such as system integration or program development. 

Our Experience:

Examples of Open Source Development occur every day at Business Mechanix with our team making frequent use of open source languages and tools like JQuery, Font Awesome, Twitter Bootstrap for HTML5, Slim Framework for PHP and operating systems like Linux. The open source language Perl was used with an open source operating system UNIX to build an improved enrolment system for a tertiary based in Waikato. The client faced challenges with its enrolment site with enrolment applications being intensive and often abandoned by students seeking to enrol. Conventional languages were unwieldy when required to interact with the UNIX operating system. Perl was used to overcome this obstacle for the client and deliver a seamless enrolment experience for existing and prospective students. 

About Business Mechanix:

Business Mechanix has over four years’ experience with Moodle integration which is an open-source platform for student management. Business Mechanix takes every opportunity available to deliver visible results quickly. This can involve the use of open source languages to achieve specific or complex task or public libraries which form the foundation a program, application or site. 

Our Services:

  • Using Open Source Development to integrate systems
  • Building pages using Open Source Development tools
  • Writing programs using Open Source libraries to perform complex tasks
  • Using Open Source as an integration tool for existing programs
  • Using Open Source as a back end for a content management system