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Windows Azure is a powerful on demand cloud computing service offering computer power, data storage, networking and databases on demand in datacentres based all over the globe. The low cost and rapid deployment options of Windows Azure has drawn many customers worldwide to start using Windows Azure in place of traditional server network infrastructure and the costs and business issues such as maintenance and backups that they present.  Windows Azure can be used for many purposes from providing an on demand software test and development environment to IT staff, to backup and disaster recovery (ensuring georedundancy of data), to running production applications and mobile services for end users. Many well-known Public Sector and Commercial organisations have taken advantage of the scale and cost savings offered by Windows Azure.

Our Experience

Business Mechanix are experts at implementing and integrating solutions using Microsoft’s Windows Azure Cloud. For example Business Mechanix created an alumni portal (Wintec Circle) for the Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) which used Windows Azure to join together nine different Clouds based on several continents. Business Mechanix was recognised by Microsoft at the 2012 Global Partner Awards for this solution as a finalist for the Public Sector Education Award. Business Mechanix have also developed and hosted a national (New Zealand) vending distribution website for Coca Cola Amatil in Windows Azure. Lastly Business Mechanix developed a mobile relationship management application for the Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) which is hosted in Windows Azure.

Based on our extensive experience providing Cloud based solutions to Public Sector and Commercial clients Business Mechanix understand the complexities of deploying and integrating solutions in the Cloud including the increased security, identity and access management requirements that come with them. 

About Business Mechanix

Our experience and knowledge in cloud computing and Windows Azure continues to grow. We stay on top of the ball at all times, this is because of our close relationship with Microsoft NZ and Microsoft Globally. We are invited to Redmond, USA, Microsoft’s Head Quarters on an annual basis where we attend an invite only Education Summit, we are the only New Zealand Company invited to attend.

Business Mechanix have the experience and can not only migrate servers to the cloud but we have done everything from creating a cloud or hybrid strategy with executives, to the migration with IT staff to the change management process with administration and other staff. We know how to look at business processes and ensure all cloud strategies are in-line with business objectives. We have also provided fantastic training a support in the past and with over 1 million cloud accounts deployed, we are the largest Microsoft Cloud Deployer in New Zealand, and with this wealth of knowledge you could say when it comes to cloud computing we know what we are talking about! This level of service from executives to administration staff, experience in cloud computing and ability to deliver is what makes us stand out from the crowd. 

Business Mechanix Services:

  • Create strategies that are in line with your institutes objectives and goals whether it is a full cloud migration you need or a hybrid one
  • Consult anting into IT programmes and make recommendations about how to incorporate Azure into your programmes
  • Project manage the migration it to ensure the best outcome is reached
  • Provide training and support for IT staff, academics and/or students
  • Develop Applications that run on Azure
  • Migrate your services, systems or websites to run on Azure
  • Develop large scale portals or MOOC’s/ learning manager platforms to run on Azure