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Microsoft Office Access is a relational database management system provides by Microsoft through its Office product. It’s been part of Office since 1993 and explains why large and complex systems are still based on Access in many long-running SME’s. Using Access a well-trained user can achieve a great deal themselves by creating tables, queries, forms and reports. A user can also connect all of these components together using macros. Access allows the user to write VBA to create more complex solutions involving more advanced data manipulation. 

Our Experience:

Business Mechanix provides Access support to several clients with large and complex legacy databases. An example is skylight distributor client who is unable to upgrade its database solution due to integration with an overseas parent company. They don’t let this limitation stop them from performing tasks like opportunity management using their Access database. Business Mechanix provides adhoc and project based support for their database and suggests solutions within the limits of the technology. 

About Business Mechanix:

When you were learning about boys and girls in adolescence our developers were creating and manipulating Microsoft Office Access databases and learning to connect their various components. Although largely a dated and inferior database solution our developers are all capable of writing VBA and know the strengths and importantly the limitations of the program intimately. 

Our Services:

  • Upgrading Microsoft Access
  • Migrating data out of Microsoft Access
  • Supporting Microsoft Access databases
  • Extending and customising existing Access databases