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ASLO (Advanced Simulated Learning Objects) aims to enhance teaching, learning and assessment through the use of gesture and voice. It learning more enriching and engaging for both the teacher and learner, as you are now able to engage using different learning styles for example kinaesthetic, visual and auditory. We have also brought gamification into the teaching and learning space which leverages people’s natural desires to achieve and compete and we take the learner through levels of mastery.

We take a content item such as language and create new ways of engaging the learner. To create these enriching products we have taken the Kinect for Windows platform and have developed software in this unique yet engaging way. ASLO is simply about bringing low cost technology and gamification into the business and education world and the great thing about ASLO is it is fully customisable and can been developed to meet your needs.

Our ASLO products are not only limited to the education space, we are introducing the idea of using ASLO in advertising by making your brand more memorable by getting the consumer engaged in the product. We are also introducing the idea of using ASLO at conference stands – just like we have! We developed an application that created a lot of noise and it made our stand fun, memorable and attracted people to watch participate and revisit the stand.

ASLO has two types of applications. Desk Buddies and Fully Featured Modules. The ASLO Desk Buddies are cute little apps designed especially for people sitting at their desk, one example is our postural analysis application which is a dual screen worker app. The fully feature modules are much more comprehensive ASLO modules – often including the full range of Kinect for Windows Technology such as voice recognition and skeletal tracking, our Back2Fit Back Care Assessment is an example for this.


ASLO worked alongside Back2Fit (a targeted Backcare Centre which offers tailored Backcare Fitness Training) to create a fully featured module back and neck range of motion assessment. For Back2fit, stage one of any new client procedure requires a full back assessment and measure. It is also a requirement that a reassessment is done to measure progress. The previous way of doing this was via pen and paper and measuring the range of motion by using a measuring tape, the trainers needed a more accurate and efficient way of assessing and reassessing her client’s current range of motion. The solution was a new rehabilitation or early detection tool for the back care and fitness industry that uses only gesture and voice. It enables practitioners at Back2Fit to accurately assess the range of motion of both the neck and back which means they are able to better understand their clients condition and prescribe the right exercised and/or rehabilitation programmes. It uses skeletal tracking of their clients exact body positions and uses this to assess their range of motion.

ASLO and its developers have created the Te Reo Teacher. This exciting new application is based on auditory and allows the users to easily learn Te Reo. It provides the correct pronunciation in Maori, the spelling (in both in English and Maori) and picture of the word. It gives the user the opportunity to pronounce it, if pronounced correctly the user moves onto the next word if is not then it repeats the word allowing more attempts the word is correctly pronounced. This uses the levels of mastery approach – meaning it will not let you move into the next level until you have mastered the first word. The beauty of this application is its capabilities to not only assess Maori but also English, Spanish, German, the sky is the limit!


  • Easy to use/ User friendly
  • Data captured is accurate
  • Records, stores and analyses assessments in a timely manner
  • Allows you to reassess as many times as you want
  • Built in instructional videos for each motion
  • Assesses back, neck or both
  • Has a progress bar so you can see where you are up to
  • Can be customised to meet your needs
  • Voice and gesture recognition
  • Compatible with Windows 7  & 8
  • Software is reliable and versatile

The ASLO Services we provide

  • Design & Develop a fully featured module
  • Design & Develop a desk buddy module
  • Graphically design the module or application to meet your needs
  • Project management the solution from start to finish
  • Offer support and maintenance
  • Train the new users
  • Can provide the Kinect for Windows devices
  • Implement the application onto devices for the users

Work along our developers to ensure each feature meets your