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Manukau Institute of Technology needed to replace their Sun LDAP directory. This held information about their students including their name, student ID and courses. This was used to create the identity in Active Directory and assigned them to the appropriate groups. Students also access systems such as Live@edu and Moodle their eLearning system.

The first piece of the project was a discovery and design piece of work which also mentioned the pre-steps to the migration to Office 365. This involved......

  • Finding out statistics about current student email accounts in use and the security setup involved
  • Current configuration of Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007 (ILM) and any Management agents that are associated with ILM + Sun LDAP identity management
  • Any scripts in use, including PowerShell scripts
  • Integrations to/from ILM / Sun LDAP and synchronisation, Integrations / Synchronisation with Active Directory for the purpose of student e-mail
  • Readiness of Environment for FIM / ADFS, including the Active Directory structure
  • Uncovering and documenting scripts plus setup details

A new architecture plan was also created detailing how their systems should work with FIM. The final phase was the implementation of FIM. Business Mechanix worked closely with Manukau Institute of Technology’s IT team and provided guidance on the less complex pieces of the project which included the importing of Identity Lifecycle Manager (ILM) management agents and the configurations of FIM. Business Mechanix completed the more complex and challenging pieces which were around the installation of FIM, additional configuration of management agents and bringing through the identities which included the students name and email addresses. The last piece of the project was the switch between Live@edu to Office 365 and adding in Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), which with hard work and effort put in by both Manukau Institute of Technology IT staff and Business Mechanix we managed to get the migration completed with minimal disruption to the students, a win all round!