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There is a vital need within all education institutes to increase communication with alumni and provide further opportunities for them, this is where Business Mechanix come in! Business Mechanix can deliver an Alumni Portal Solution that enables institutes to connect with alumni and share their success. It provides a platform that can enhance communication with Alumni and can create a real community. Business Mechanix are able to deliver Alumni Portals that can be customisable, easy to manage and looks great for the user.

Alumni Portals allows graduates to easily reconnect to their institute of study and is a great way of enabling institutes and other alumni to keep in touch. The Alumni Portal can also be connected up to social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Our Alumni Portal Solution can be on-premise or in the cloud. If you decided to have it in the cloud maintenance costs or upgrades for servers won’t exist. The solution runs off Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the portal can based on Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.

Our Experience

Business Mechanix worked with Wintec to design and implement a world famous alumni portal. Wintec wanted to create an alumni community and knew that they could get the expertise of Business Mechanix to help deliver a portal solution. In order to manage the data entered by the Alumni through the portal, Wintec also needed a flexible and efficient Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system behind the website. The solution runs off Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and allows alumni to login and update their own information, then the data automatically populates into the CRM system which is set up with multiple workflows and triggers online saving hours every week in data entry for Wintec staff. Business Mechanix also integrated Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter into the website. Where alumni used this as an easy way to find other alumni through all forms of social media so whether they are on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and they could search for people, connect and talk on discussion boards all in one place. This alumni portal saw Buinsess Mechanix nominated for Microsoft 2012 Worldwide Partner of the Year – Education finalist, a fantastic result! 

Business Mechanix have also developed their own Alumni Portal to showcase some of our capabilities. The benefits of our Alumni Status Portal are:

  • Bequesting service which is easy to fill out which allows alumni to donate to the institute
  • A job board which enables the institute to post any jobs that become available to Alumni
  • Alumni members can update their own information online
  • SMS text message can be utilised to reach out to alumni
  • The system’s automated workflows operate around business processes
  • System is hosted in the cloud so there are no physical servers to maintain or upgrade and no initial hardware investment
  • Social media tools can be incorporated and utilised
  • It is flexible enough to grow and change with your dynamic institute.
  • effectively manages data for Alumni
  • Easy to manage
  • The template portal can be used as is or is can be styled to like look how you want it to
  • Discussion board for all alumni to read and participate in   

Don’t forget that because we have designed and developed portal we can customise it to suit your needs! 

About Business Mechanix

Business Mechanix are one of the only companies to have worked with over 86% of Universities, Wānanga and Polytechnics as well as a number of PTE’s. We have been working in the educational sector for more than 10 years and have gained not only experience that is second to none but also a deep passion for it! We know how to work with large scale implementations as we have dealt with some of the largest implementations in New Zealand including Manukau Institute of Technology where we put over 60,000 accounts onto the Office 365 platform.

Business Mechanix are the largest Microsoft cloud deployer in New Zealand, with over 1 million seats deployed in over 50 customers spanning from live@edu and Office 365 to Dynamics CRM Online and Azure, this wealth of experience makes us experts at desiging and delivering your alumni portal! 

Business Mechanix Services

  • Develop a strategy that enables institutes to create a better community for their alumni
  •  Implement an Alumni Portal
  • Integrate with other cloud solutions or with on-premise solutions
  • Integrate with student management systems like Artena and Arion
  • Customise the alumni status portal to meet the institutes needs
  • Business Mechanix can assist you with geographic and data centre location strategies
  • Migrate/upgrade your servers into the cloud
  • Project manage the alumni status portal project
  • Train staff on how to use the new solution
  • Provide ongoing support and maintenance for your alumni status portal