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Lyndal and Wayne

Business Mechanix Limited, spearheaded by owners Wayne and Lyndal Stewart are an innovative and dynamic young team who have been in operation for more than 13 years and have earned our place amongst global players. Carving out a piece of the pie within our niche market in NZ, our vision and evolution of core services to project and catalyse current and future technological trends reflects our ability to keep our fingers on the pulse of where Technology in NZ is at present and is likely to go in the not too distant future. Our chosen specialist area in Education sees us participating in the speaking circuit around these topics. Our specialised team are rock stars behind the scenes in the IT sector they have a passion for... 

  • Integration
  • Implementation
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Marketing
  • Strategy 
  • IT development
  • Project Management 

Often, the sky is the limit for our clients... limitations are only set by the extent of a client’s imagination (and of course budget!). We offer online platforms to increase functionality, streamline systems by utilising technology to make day to day running of businesses easier, more effective and efficient on the wish-list are boundless...

If our customers are having trouble explaining requirements, then we have the ability to use our unique B-Agile project process to extract requirements in highly interactive workshops which involve on-the-spot proto-typing. If a client can think it... Business Mechanix work hard at the back end whizzing up a solution to make it happen!

Business Mechanix are often the first in NZ to utilise recently released technologies.A good example is our newly developed software - ASLO (Advanced Simulated Learning Objects) which enables you to control and interact without the need to touch a game controller, though a natural user interface using gestures and spoken commands. All you need is a PC, Kinect for Windows controller and a screen or TV. We designed it especially to enhance teaching, learning and assessment... Watch this space!

Our ability to captivate clients through cleverly spurring on ideas of ‘what if’s’ within a potentially high barrier market and converting them to why not have attributed greatly to our current success to date... Paired with an un-relentless ability to deliver under pressure, successful formula for marketing and recent rebrand to reflect our new dynamic yet approachable identity has powered us through the recession where many competitors have since fallen away

The challenge is on! Come on’ll be surprised at the big splash we make- we are local fish, making it out there the big wide world of IT!!  Even Microsoft in Redmond, USA, Singapore and Australia have conversations with us nearly every day.

Business Mechanix know business, know technology and understand how the two need to work together... we really DO know how to tune technology to make education/business awesome!